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Red States

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What does the term Red State mean?

We are red by means of the saving and protective blood of Jesus Christ. The Red State are those states that are covered and protected from the coming chaos and fall of those state nations that have turned away from the one true God. Just as Egypt was judged and Israel was set free, Just as Samaria was judged and Judah was set free, Just as the ten tribes were judged and Judah and Benjamin were set free. God never judged all of Israel as one just as God will not judge the United States as one. God judged them state by state or tribe by tribe. Each tribe had its defined borders and heads of government . The tribes were the states of Israel. Those states that held on to God were delivered from those that had turned away from God. Those that were “passed over”  watched with sorrow the calamity which came on her sisters and with hope for the return of a moral society called America.

Red States people know God created America for His people

America was formed by God for his people. America was formed by thirteen states just as Israel was formed by thirteen state/tribes the thirteenth tribe being the Levites or holy tribe. America had to be formed by thirteen to show to the world that the holy tribe was among and within us. It is an obvious sign like a deafening blow, heard around the world that God had created America for His people just as God formed Israel for His people.

What holds Red States together?

Red states are not held together by a political party but by their common bond which causes them to hold to morality as a just way of life. The common bond that holds Red States together, that causes them to vote the same and to believe the same and to honor our fathers and our past and look confidently at the future is Jesus Christ the son of God.

What Are The Red States?

The Red States  have a conservative, states rights knowledge of the constitution. For the founding anti-federal states to agree to join the union, the constitution had to guarantee to these states they would retain their  sovereign nature. In turn, those guarantees of sovereignty to the states, were made by the constitution. The anti-federal states then demanded that the peoples sovereignty also be protected and the Bill of Rights was formed by George Mason from the southern anti-federal state of Virginia.

 The Constitution guaranteed :

1. Only the States are required to keep a standing army. The federal government only in case of emergency.

2.The  states alone were to levy a direct tax to the people.

3.  The  states were insured their voice and power  in the Federal government by choosing two state congressmen to be appointed to the senate. The senate seats were not voted on by the people but were filled by the choice of the state governments.  This insured the states had a voice in the union that they were joining. The people voted for the house of representatives which gave rise to the term” the peoples house”.  Just 40 years after the war between the states the weakened anti federal states were robed of this guarantee of sovereignty by the fourteenth amendment. Now the state has been made weak to stand as defender for the people between a consuming Federal government and the populous. 

4. The fourteenth amendment changed the form of government that our founding fathers and our anti-federal southern states agreed to join. We agreed to join a union whos federal government was a republic, the 14th amendment changed our government to a democracy of mass rule. Now a majority of minorities can be formed, choosing for themselves self serving handouts and benefits while forcing the majority of working men and women to provide for them.  Democracies have historically fallen which is why our founding fathers chose a republic.

5. Our States  and people were guaranteed a separation of church and state:The separation of church and state is to keep a consuming Federal government from controlling the people by gaining ultimate control of both the civil (what people can do) and spiritual (what people can think). This has been the ultimate goal of government dating back to the Middle Ages and Egyptian pharos. When the rulers become both the civil authority and the god, they have absolute control. Red States stand together opposed to the Supreme Court ruling on moral social issues calling itself higher than God and smashing asunder the Constitution’s guarantee of separation of church and state.

Who are Red State People?

Red State people are not black or white or red they are one people held together by a higher bond of Jesus Christ and inner desire to live in a  moral and just society for themselves and their children. They are willing to stand for what they believe and refuse fear based ideology of escapism.

A Red State man may be in church on Sunday or in the woods but he is communing with god. A Red State man may abstain from alcohol or he may have a southern bourbon at dinner but they both sit at the same table for we are held by higher bonds of common morality. A Red State man or woman have a conceal carry license for we hold fast to the Bill of Rights which was created by our great anti-federalist fathers.

Red State men show honor to women in public and home. You will see a Red State man stand in a restaurant when a woman comes to sit at the table. Open a door at the gas station or in a protective fashion, see she is seated first closing her door, when getting in the car at the mall.  Honoring women sets the foundation for their worth or value and insulates against the dishonor of abusive relationships. Public honor of women gives children an outward understanding of the value of relationships and value of people and gives a sign to those around that you are a bold Red Stater.

Red State women will no longer tolerate their children being taught in Federally funded schools and by a Federal branch of government. Public schools are no longer given the luxury of brain washing our children into their liberality, progressivism, atheism, (i.e.) federalism. Red state women know that the enemy of our lord the liberality is plenty willing at every opportunity to bias our children. A Red State woman is bold, ever ready and purposed to bias our children to the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

RED states natural inclination to states rights or anti federalist beliefs come from their Judeo- Christian nature. God destroyed the first centralized government, the first one world government called the Tower of Babble. The tower of babble had all mankind working under one rule. God’s response to this was to destroy it and establish thousands of tribes, tongues or states. It is the purpose of consuming governments to take the dominion that God gave man(Adam) and hand it back to Satan or the Anti-Christ. It is God’s response in Revelation chapter to give dominion back to man. God comes to bring chaos and destruction to the nations that don’t worship the one true God yet for the saved nations and the profits and the saints he has blessing. For who are the “saved nations” spoken of in Revelation scripture? They are the saved state/ nations that are willing to stand up for the doctrine of Jesus Christ. They are those state/nations that will reclaim their dominion from a massive central government, not allowing it to be handed over to the formation of another Tower of Babble.

This is not the day of judgement of every man and woman. This is the day of the deliverance of Judah from the worldly Samaria, the deliverance of Israel from the worldly and dominion consuming Egypt. This is the time God establishes the nations or states that will be called the “saved nations and the profits and the saints who walk in the light of New Jerusalem.” and bring their offerings every month. These are the nations that will exist during the glorious moral and just millennium age The saints or people of God are the citizens of the saved nations. The saints are His people who will be so blessed to live in this new era of righteousness. Religiosity will fall and true worship of each man and woman to their father shall prevail which is the true Church of our Lord. God is their teacher for that which is perfect has come in the millennium and there is no more need of an institutional minister as a teacher.The millinial age is not a ghosty whispy existenc rather it is as we see now, but in a great moral and just society who has refused the consuming god of the earth (centralized government)  and  honors the king of  kings. The saints do not turn to government for their provision, for their protection, for their health or healing. The society which rises in the saved nations is a prosperous, free, people who need no government subsidies but turn to the one true God as their source.


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