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With Jesus’s name, Minutemen pray the enemy has fallen in his own trap. Charleston and the Red States (covered by the blood) people shall come to the knowledge that Christians are one people.

The enemy has attacked Charleston again, determined to create division in the hearts and minds of the people. For there is one truth that Satan is afraid the people will find. That truth is Christians are a people. We are one people created in the image of God with a new blood, the blood of Jesus Christ running through our veins. We are a new creation, no longer defined as white, black, Indian or Hispanic but we have a new and greater identity. Our lands and cities will rise in glory for the oneness in love that we have for our fellow brothers.

Those killed in the Charleston Emanuel Church are martyrs. Their blood has spilled as a sacrifice that their children and children’s, children will not turn away from God. They will not succumb to the Beast in sheep’s clothing, preaching one race against another. The outpouring of Love and unity from Christians across the States covered by the Blood will bring the revelation of the oneness of the Sons of God. The revelation that we as Christians are one people, one identity, one blood, one father will arise from the blood of these martyred. Each grandparent killed in the physical body has a mantle, a calling which they now call out to give to their children. Grandmothers giving to their grandsons mantles which they will now carry. Young people not letting his death be in vain. For each physical death the life of thousands come to the knowledge of Jesus and their grandchildren shall rise in a land who has gained the revelation that we are a people. The Holy City shall be saved by those who have been slain for Jesus Christ. They would not come back if they could, their blood spilled is precious to the saving of Charleston, the saving of their loved ones and the spreading of the revelation of our oneness as a people, across the states and people covered by the blood.

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