Dr. Bruce Frye – Author and Doctor


Dr. Bruce Frye, author and naturopath felt led of God to take a trip to Virginia and study his family’s history which dated back to the Revolutionary War era. With a passion for history, these experiences, along with a collection of family memoirs written by Col. Joshua Frye in the 1700,s led Dr. Frye on an amazing and eye-opening journey.

Compelled by God, Dr. Bruce Frye penned a book as these truths unfolded before him entitled,”You Just Can’t Hear the Cannons.”

He has also written two other books, “How to live in the Garden of Eden” and “I Have Taken His Name” which are valuable tools not only for achieving optimum health but also for principles to live life by.

Natural health runs in the family. Dr. Frye comes from a long line of health care providers beginning with his grandfather, Dr. Harry Frye, who was licensed in Chiropractic in 1923 and practiced at the Frye Health Facility, a natural healing chiropractic hospital in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The tradition continued with his father, brother, and many uncles and cousins who practiced and are currently practicing in a variety of healthcare professions.

Dr. Frye also has a desire to understand history and each mans place in it.