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“Our Sisterhood of Republics” – Thomas Jefferson

Father you have shown me an attack that has been purposed upon the people of the red states. You have shown me in the spirit a great oval table with evil men around it. They have a map of the red states (states covered by the blood) upon the table and they have devised various attacks against these states and God’s people. The attacks are sent by shame to kick the wind out of the patriotic up swell of our Red States. It is sent to humiliate and take away their moral hi ground and put them back in their place where Satan wants them. This is a well devised attack that is set upon the people of God and Red States on multiple fronts. It is sent to cause destruction like a tornado to take the breath of the people in Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. It is sent to humiliate the red state people of Arkansas and Indiana into bending their knee and backing away from the Religious Freedom Act. It is sent to South Carolina to shame her and provoke her into again firing the first shot causing wide spread destruction.  Father, don’t let the plans of Satan become fruitful for he desires to take away our Red State pride our Red States honor and understanding of us as a people.  For as soon as this seed started to grow, Satan immediately comes to stomp it out. We are a good and righteous and honorable people separate and set apart and our lands blessed and chosen by God as His kingdoms of our Lord. Angels go forth and minister this to our people and reveal the plans of the enemy and make those plans which are hidden come to open knowledge. Turn the attack to shame us into submission into an even greater up swell of honor in our lands and people.  WJN with Jesus’s Name I speak it so.

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