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Blood Oil

It seems for now that God has given the minutemen alone a kind of crusade against Blood Oil and in removing this blood from the hands of Americans. Angels go forth as ministering spirits, speak to congress, speak to the people of America, and let them quit buying Blood Oil from the Middle East which is funding the terrorism. Then and only then may they ask us to send our military sons and daughters to the Mideast.

Then the Lord asks a simple question, “Do you think congress will still want to send troops to the Mideast once America is no longer buying their oil?” Is it really national security or is it an alliance of one world government nations that are sworn to maintain the current world order? The Saudi’s are in danger of losing their power if we become energy independent.

We no longer need Mideast oil! The truth is out and God has delivered us from buying this blood oil with new inventions in shale oil production. The money we spend at the pump goes to the Mideast and funds terrorism across the world. If there was no oil money coming in then the terrorists wouldn’t get paid and all the bazaar, evil chopping off people’s heads, burning them alive, and kidnapping of girls and making them slaves would stop. They would just have to go back home and earn a living. For years, our government has pulled a veil over the faces of Americans and now God is removing these veils and showing us what has really been happening. When the veil is removed it is hard to believe, even shocking to see what is really going on. It is amazing to realize that we didn’t see it before, but now we see. The Saudi’s attacked our energy independence to get us back under their control. No, we no longer need their oil or any Mideast oil as we have greater supplies on U.S. soil.

Now let terrorism we have funded with all the money that we have spent on gasoline come upon the terrorists. Let them be snared by their own trap. Let their intentions set to come upon Israel and America come upon them. If Blood oil money hadn’t been routed to terrorists then there would be no ISIS. Now they want us to send our troops there to stop the cancer which they created! They want us to pull them out of the trap which they set for us!

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