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Sisterhood of Republics, Pray for your Red State sister South Carolina. Father give to the people strength for she has suffered many attacks. Give to the people longsuffering patience for just a little while longer and the blessings of the Lord shall overtake you.

I looked and I saw a flood of liberality, (progressivism, compromise, immorality and abandoning honored tradition of the past) flowing out of Columbia. The waters rose from Columbia and caused destruction in Charleston and nearby cites and the effects of it are seen in almost every community. The spirit of liberality and compromise came to abandon their Judeo Christian ethics and to dishonor their fathers.   Children of God, This is the last hour before our redemption, hold steadfast to the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and the spirit of independence which you hold so dear. Seek not to conform to the world and honor your ancestors for today life comes into the dead dry bones (Ezekiel 37:5) and that independent sovereign spirit is seen again in your people.  The Lord spoke again, “Son of man now look at the waters.” I looked and I heard God say, “Speak to the waters. Tell them thus says the Lord, ‘waters recede and cleanse Carolina of the spirit of liberality and compromise. As the waters abate so the spirit of liberality and compromise dry up for the people have no more stomach for it. The taste is bitter in their mouth like bitter water. Next, a time of cleaning up the mire and mud of liberality, for as the waters recede so the faces and finances of liberality and compromise shall dry up and be seen no more in Columbia. The people have seen the flood and tasted the bitter waters and have no more stomach for it. For we speak it so Jesus the son of God.

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