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Prayer of Blessing for Minutemen

 WJN financial blessing is upon the minutemen Angel of finance minister wisdom and financial knowledge Troops of intersession receive a powerful blessing

With Jesus’s name I give a powerful financial blessing upon the minutemen. For the coming year there will be much prayer requiring your continuing faith in all battles the Lord leads us in. His troops of intercession, are warring in the spirit and seeing the results on earth. For the battles are first fought in the spirit realm and the results are then seen on the earth.

These are not good financial times for most of America, The Federal Government wants you to believe that things are good and our economy is booming but people from Texas to the Carolina’s can tell money isn’t flowing freely. Therefore, God has had me speak this powerful blessing on the minutemen. He has had me bless people at other times with amazing results, now He has me speak it to you. A general needs to know that he will have well fed troops. The minutemen shall prosper to excess so the flow will go out to the red state republics (the people of the states covered by the blood)

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“That your state will be in equal standing with our Sisterhood of Republics”-Thomas Jefferson

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