“Our Sisterhood of Republics” – Thomas Jefferson


Minutemen, pray and speak forth (WJN) With Jesus’s Name.  The bride of Christ, as any bride, receives the name of the Groom and is given the authority of His name. She can now receive and expect all that her new name brings. What it brings is an empowered people fully able to deliver Israel from the worldliness of Egypt,  Just as Judah was separated from the worldliness of Samaria so God will deliver us from those that press their immoral ways into us. Now, fully able to speak and pray with empowered prayers, we embark on this journey. As spiritual minutemen we pledge to stop and pray at a minutes notice as God gives wisdom and knowledge for the saving of our people and way of life in this land. Please read my book “I have taken His name” it will be a great aid in empowering our prayers.


Volume 1 Sisterhood of Republics

Minutemen Intro 11/19/2014

Immigration 11/24/2014

Spirit of Hopelessness 12/3/2014

Minutemen Oil 12/22/2014

Minutemen Prayer of Blessing 1/28/2015

Blood Oil 2/12/2015

Red State Children 2/18/2015

Spirit of Justice 3/12/1015

Passover 4/2/2015

Attack on States Covered by the Blood 4/9/2015

Peace on Red State cities 4/29/2014

South Carolina Invasion 5/7/2015

Urgent Prayer Request Myrtle Beach 5/22/2015

Emanuel Church Charleston, SC 6/19/15

Supreme Courts Gone Wild! 7/3/15

Saving our way of life 7/29/15

Cleansing of Liberality 10/8/2015

Son of Man Form an Army 10/15/2015