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“Our Sisterhood of Republics” – Thomas Jefferson

WJN, Minutemen pray Angels go forth Minister peace patience and the honor seen on the meek. Evil may strike but our Red State people shall not succumb

On April 10th Minutemen prophesied a vision of God, seeing the great oval table with evil spirits standing like men around it. They had targeted cities and states with red x’s and circles on the map. These attacks have come to pass now but there are more to come.  Cities of liberality are fallen into destruction like Babylon whose foot is in many waters (places) while the cities covered by the blood have remained in peace. I speak Jesus the son of God, angels go forth as ministering spirits. Go forth and minister peace, minister patience, minister the honor seen on the meek. Evil may strike, but our people shall not succumb to the evil one. Our cities and lands shall not burn for we are the people of the Passover. Judgment came upon Egypt but it did not fall on the Israelite.

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