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Minutemen, Pray with Jesus’s name, for His bride has taken His name and prays with all strength and power.

Our children are our guarantee that the independent nature, morality and virtue of our red states (States covered by the blood) people will go on. They are the assurance that the character of our people will be seen in the times to come. God will yet reign in our lands. Pray for our red state children. The deceiver has beguiled them. They have been drawn away from their parents and from God. They have been drawn into a new righteousness of self-righteousness.  They have been overrun by the multitudes of vial spirits of unnatural affections. They have been entranced by a new morality of immorality. Their ancestors call out from the balcony of heaven for their seed that they shall have none to bestow their spiritual inheritance upon. I hear the cries, “Save our children,” yet I am comforted. God has not deserted us and the red states will not fall, but are chosen as the Kingdoms of our Lord. We shall yet rejoice and swell with pleasure in the honor of our red state children. I say to you now for I have seen it with this prayer going up, stepping with one step and shouting with one voice. Our children shall turn and be the strength and joy of these states and lands of our Lord.

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