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Prayer: Father, to save our way of life and children we speak, Jesus the son of God and we decree this thing. The hearts and minds of the people are changed. Their heart devotions go to their Red covered by the blood states and to their communities and to the people of God and they understand now that we are a people. Their minds are changed to stand and say “we will no longer bend our knee, we will go no further” and our Red states will stand, they will deny illegal unconstitutional church state morality rulings. They will grasp again the constitutional sovereignty of the states and Bill of Rights. State leaders will be infused with courage for their people and simply say “no”.

These things will now happen and the angel of Independence will go forth to prepare the minds of the people of God, for the angel of the Bill of Rights will follow and they must stand with her to protect the rights of God’s people in this land.


Angel of Independence     Angel of Bill of Rights

Angel of Independence                         Angel of Bill of Rights

Angel of Independence go forth, be released from your dusty encasements and go forth to minister the true America to the people with ears to hear. Form again in them the same spirit you did our ancestors in this land you created for us. Just as you formed Israel with 13 tribes or states so you originally formed America with 13 state nations as a sign that should have been heard around the world that God himself created America specifically for his people. Rise up Ministering spirit of Independence and go forth, minister to God’s people the understanding that we are a people in this land no less than the Israelites are a people. Angel, speak to them change their hearts and minds. Minister to them that our true devotion and patriotism must always be to God and the people of God and for our states covered by the blood. Lord, hear the people’s prayer and deliver us from our godless sister, the liberal states of the Federal which have forced immoral laws into our Red covered by the blood states. Save us as you saved Israel from Egypt, just as they had determined to consume Israel so our blue sister has determined to consume us and our children. Ministering spirit of Independence go forth minister to the people of God, given to them a spirit of Independence as a people of states set apart from the Federal Beast who has determined to make us in its liberal, godless image.

Look for the book “Angles of the Revolution” soon to come

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