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“Our Sisterhood of Republics” – Thomas Jefferson

Minutemen, we hear our sister South Carolina. She is standing silent and enduring like a widow with no family. She is not alone. She sees an invasion coming and feels helpless with her hands tied but to endure. A man in South Carolina prophesied to me of an attack of the enemy upon the Myrtle Beach area. The Sisterhood of Republics of the Red States (states covered by the blood) come to your aid. For We speak, Jesus the Son of God, for as you must endure a little while longer, it will come to an end. South Carolina, you will not be provoked to cause an incitement. Oh, we send the spirit of Peace upon you like a blanket. Peace upon your people, businesses and police. They shall stand with a confident peace that the plans of the enemy will not come to fruit. We smell the sweet odor of honey suckle coming now and the odor of something burning is gone. For you are the Kingdoms of our Lord, the people of the Passover. This invasion shall pass over you, there is no oxygen for fires to burn and the enemy is frustrated. Shall Satan’s unsatisfied spirits fall again upon a city with no covering upon a state with no red blood?

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