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WJN, Spirit of Justice go upon my Red State (covered by blood) people prevail over injustice who has targeted them in this land.

The spirit of Justice is carried by one of the angels of the republic. Injustice has come upon our Red State people and has turned our God given justice into injustice against us in this land. The angel of Justice now goes forth and prevails over injustice for the word of God is greater than the two edged sword of injustice. She shall now go forth and minister for us favor, special placement, over our adversaries which seek to consume us as a people. Justice now goes forth to return the lands of the Red state people to its rightful owners. Justice is not equality it is favor over our adversaries. Justice is not compromise, for the spirit of compromise is evil to only take from Gods people and give to the adversary. Only traditional Christian people have compromised their values. Compromise to our demise no more. Be as demanding of our traditional values as liberality is so demanding and uncompromising for its values. Call forth the spirit of Justice that God’s special desires for His people so great, are now made manifest again in this land.


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