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“Our Sisterhood of Republics” – Thomas Jefferson

Minutemen, we speak Jesus son of God, angels go forth and minister to the Oklahoma congressmen to follow through with impeachment of the justices. Do not stop short, this is your time to spark the fire of liberty taking back America from the black robed priests of the Federal Church, this is your Patrick Henry moment.

Minutemen, from the Carolinas to Texas pray for your sister Oklahoma. The state supreme court reversed an earlier decision and ruled to remove the Ten Commandments from the capitol.  Minutemen, we speak Jesus son of God, angels go forth and minister to the congressmen to follow through with impeachment of the justices. You have the peoples support. Do not stop short, make no back room deals for this is your Patrick Henry moment. From this the entire nation will see the independent state of Oklahoma will not bend its knee to those that want to take our Judeo Christian way of life from us. Open your eyes Red (covered by the blood ) states. Don’t you see the collusion between the Federal Supreme Court and the State Supreme Court? Do you think it is just a coincidence that the Fed. Supreme Court  ignored the separation of Church and State and became the church of the beast by ruling   on the moral issue of same sex marriage and within days the state supreme court ruled that the ten commandments on the grounds of the capitol was against the separation of church and state? These are coordinated attacks against the people. When they group them together it takes the emphasis off of each attack.  If the courts were genuine in their motives it would be different, but no, it is not just happenstance that these two courts ruled so closely together. They are working together against Christianity. On one side they rule that Judeo Christian historical monument must be taken down to keep government and church separate on the other hand they literally become the church themselves by ruling on a moral issue and declare same sex marriage to be accepted by the states.  They manipulate the issue any way they want depending upon the situation. One constant in it all is the delegitimizing of Christianity. This is an attack on Christians pure and clear. Call loud and pray daily for the angels to go forth  to badger the congressmen until they must follow through with impeachment . It is the only  way they can get rest from the relentless ministering of the angels of God which you, the minutemen, send forth. Oklahoma, and Red States this is a moment in history that can change the future for our children and our states, striking fear in court judges gone wild across the Red States. This action can infuse the spirit of Independence into millions of our brothers. Seize the opportunity, this is one of those defining moments in history.

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