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With Jesus’s name we speak. Dry Bones of our Revolutionary ancestors hear the word of the Lord, “Stand Up” with independence in this generation “Receive Skin on you” with courage and “be filled with the breath of life” the Holy Spirit. You are an exceedingly great army for deliverance of my people in America.

Raise up an Army: Ezekiel 37:4-37:11

I saw the court that thinks its supreme say and that they were higher than God. My blood rushed and I was jealous for my God. I saw the court say that God was wrong and they were right and I rose to my feet and sounded a trumpet to a hundred minutemen, but I looked around and there were no others who had sounded the alarm. Where are they father? I looked to the TV ministers and they looked the other way. Local ministers a bare few. I looked to the church, but like dead men they set with no response.  Where are they father? I saw the court crush the separation of church and state by becoming the new church. Now with absolute control over the people it rules now both what we think (morality or immorality) and what we can do (civil authority). I stood up and cried they are illegitimate justices in violation of the constitution!  I looked and no one else was crying out. Where are they father? Where are those that have the fire that is lit in my belly and will stand for the doctrine of Jesus Christ and the word of God? Father, I cried where are they. Where is Patrick Henry in this day? Where is George Mason, Where is Thomas Jefferson Where are the people that carried the fire and the spirit of America in their belly?

The Lord heard my cries and led me to scripture. Ezekiel 37:4 -37:11 Son of Man, can dead bones live again?  These dry bones call out where is our hope? Son of Man speak to the dry bones that they hear the word of the Lord, Speak to the dry bones that they stand up. Speak to the dry bones that they have skin on them. Speak to the dry bones that the breath of life come into them and the bones stood up with flesh and skin and Ezekiel saw an exceedingly great army.”

Speak now, that the dry bones of your revolutionary ancestors’ DNA be awoken in their offspring today, and you shall see an exceedingly great army.  You shall fight in the spirit and you shall prevail and bring down every stronghold and I will give America to the states and people who call on my name and stand up for my son and I will bring calamity and judgement to those regions, states, peoples and government who have abandoned me. And the Lord said again, “Speak it forth.”

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