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WJN, Minute Men URGENT prayer called for Myrtle Beach S. Carolina click here to read message

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We received this message today from one of our Minutemen in Myrtle Beach. It is Biker Week there and a collision of Bikers and racial antagonists have overtaken the city. The people there are afraid to come out of their homes. South Carolina is our sister in our Sisterhood of Republics. She is a red covered by the blood state and we pour our heart out to her to come to her aid. We love the good people of South Carolina and we pour this prayer out of our heart. For WE speak Jesus the Son of God, Myrtle Beach, legions of Angels I send to you. Warring Angels go forth and make battle with the fallen spirits which inhabit the bikers and all who have purposed to cause destruction and fear among the people of Myrtle Beach area. Angels, war against the destroyers, overcome them, silence the raging spirits and calm the ones they minister to, then lead the Bikers out of Myrtle Beach like a heard of quiet goats. For I speak it so, Jesus, the son of God.

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